Conical Car Park Shades

Conical Car Parking Shades are the most artistically crafted and striking parking shades available in the UAE. These shades are produced by highly qualified designers and workers, and the premium fabric is applied in their creation. They cover cars thoroughly and efficiently as a result. Conical parking shades that are lightweight are a decent option.

As for cost-effectiveness, conical car parking shades may or may not be more affordable than other types of car parking structures, depending on the specific design and materials used. In general, conical car parking shades are a cost-effective solution for protecting vehicles, but it’s always a good idea to shop around and compare prices to find the best deal.



Conical car parking shades are made of PVC, PTFE, and HDPE, these are the best materials available that are highly resistant to ultraviolet radiation from the sun and suitable for wet and stormy weather, are used to make these products. These shades extend both their lifespans and the lifespan of automobiles in general. They are Flame Resilient, Tear Resistant, Dimensional, UV, Snow Resistant, and Wind Resistant. Conical shade installation services are available from us in all prominent UAE cities.

Benefits of Conical Car Parking Shades:

  • Keep the car’s sheen and gloss.
  • Avoid cracking the windscreen.
  • Decrease screen cracking
  • Keep your electronics secure.
  • Reduce the car’s heat.


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