Pyramid Top Support Car Parking Shades

Pyramid top support car parking shades are a type of outdoor shading solution designed to protect vehicles from the sun and other elements. These shades are typically made from a durable and weather-resistant material, such as canvas or polyethylene, and are supported by a series of poles or frames that create a pyramid-like structure.

Pyramid Top Support Car Parking Shades are created and constructed using high-end materials from around the world, such as PVC, PTFE, and HDPE textiles, which are excellent for the UAE climate. Flame Radiant, Tear Resistant, Dimensional, Thermal Comfort, UV Resistant, Snow Resistant, and Wind Resistant are all properties of these parking shades. These types of shades boost your car’s safety, maintain the car’s luster and shine, and decrease the likelihood of windscreen cracking while keeping the dashboard and electronics safer.



Benefits of Pyramid Top Support Parking Shades

One of the main benefits of pyramid top support car parking shades is their ability to provide a high level of protection for vehicles. The pyramid shape of the shade creates a larger surface area, which helps to block out the sun’s rays and reduce the interior temperature of the vehicle. This can help to protect the vehicle’s paint and upholstery from fading and cracking due to prolonged exposure to the sun.

  • Keep the car’s sheen and gloss.
  • Make sure the car’s electronics are safe.
  • Resistant to UV.
  • Reduction of windscreen cracking.
  • Reduce the car’s interior heat.


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