Exhibition Tent

Supplier of exhibition tents in Dubai

The most well-liked and economical way to promote your items is to participate in exhibitions and presentations. In Dubai, renting an exhibition tent will be far less expensive than renting a standalone exhibition room of the same size.

The primary benefit of exhibition tents is that they are independent of the marquee’s design or the venue where the exhibition is held. You can select and build an exhibition tent of any size and shape with the necessary number of presentation zones thanks to a choice of designs.

Are you searching for a short-term tented option for an exhibition? It will be best to use a prefabricated building.



Why?  you will discover the solution.

At Akaa car parking and tent shades, we will be going to talk about the exhibition space that we recently set up for a significant electronics show. 100% of the internal area for facility configuration is created by the huge footprinting. To further distinguish the event theme, we put the name of the hall on the gable fabric. The secret to a successful presentation of the company’s products is to use the exhibition tents from Akaa Tent and Shade in Dubai. The tent will be prepared so that people may concentrate on your show booth.

4 channels, Hard pressed extruded aluminium alloy 6061/T6,Surface Anodized Finish,Anti rust
Wind Resistance
Fixing Solution
Ground anchor, expandable bolt, weight plate, etc.
Service Life
More than 15 years
Applicable temperature range
-30 degree Celsius ~ +70 degree Celsius
Side Wall
White color, PVC-coated Polyester, Translucent, water proof, 650g/m². Flame retardant
PVC walls,glass wall,ABS wall,etc.
Ground Situation
Grassland,earth land,asphalt,cement ground,marble,etc
Roof Cover
White color, PVC-coated Polyester, Opaque, water proof, 850g/m².Flame retardant
Hot-dip galvanized twin plate;expansion bolts to fix tent



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