A Frame Tent Suppliers and Manufacturers in Dubai

At Akaa Shades and Tents Industry specializes in Frame Tent Shades in creating and offering a variety of tent options made of aluminum. Our tents are available for rental and purchase as permanent, semi-permanent, and temporary options. These tent options are lighter than heavy-duty steel constructions, but they have a higher strength-to-weight ratio, making them a secure place to stay. Our aluminum tents are multipurpose and adaptable to many environments. Weddings, parties, business gatherings, bake sales, sporting events, trade displays, and exhibitions can all be held in these tents. Build a shelter that satisfies your needs.



The A Frame Tent is made with high-quality materials and can be fully engineered to provide many years of protection from the elements. If you need them, we can also provide you with tent shade structure repair options. Your old tensile structure will undoubtedly feel new after doing this, and it will also increase in durability over time. So get in touch with us right now if you’re searching to purchase premium tensile constructions.

aluminium alloy F27(6061/T6)
Roof Cover
PVC-coated polyester (water proof, 850g/m²,flame retardant, customizable colors)
Fixing Solution
Ground anchor, expandable bolt, weight plate, etc.
Service Life
More than 15 years
Applicable temperature range
-30 degree Celsius ~ +70 degree Celsius
Side Wall
White color, PVC-coated Polyester, Translucent, water proof, 650g/m². Flame retardant
PVC walls,glass wall,ABS wall,etc.
Ground Situation
Grassland,earth land,asphalt,cement ground,marble,etc
Wind Resistance
Hot-dip galvanized twin plate;expansion bolts to fix tent


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