High Peak Tent

Because of its bell-shaped roof line, the High Peak Tent Shade range is always a remarkable design. This tent series’ clear span width ranges from 6 to 40 meters. A mixed tent can be created by joining a High Peak unit with a conventional A-shape unit and a multi-side unit. A high-peak tent would be the best option for anything that wants to stand out, such as a hotel, restaurant, or another establishment.



The advantage to have High Peak Tent Shade

Weather Variations

Tents can be used in a variety of environmental conditions, whether it be during warm or cold seasons, and the good news is that the tent should be able to adapt to changing weather conditions.

Organizing Events

A tent would be necessary to organize a colorful event, especially for a wedding where many guests would be accommodated in one location.

Simple To Clean

All of the visitors will utilize the tent, so any food scraps or dirt will be placed underneath, making cleanup easier. In addition to being comfortable, the meal is also shielded from dust.

In Sharjah, United Arab Emirates,  Akaa Tents and Shades is a reputable international tent manufacturing company. We specialize in the manufacturing and supplying of High Peak Tents, the provision of tent Rental Services, and the supply of High-Quality Tent Products.


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