Double decker tent

Do you wish your basic tent had more room? Choose a double-decker tent model. Tents with two stories and two decks give twice as much space as regular tents. Contrary to high-ceiling tents, these types of tents offer more area as well as twice as much room for activities. The tent has two stories that double the amount of room available.

Our double-decker tents in Dubai and UAE are designed to maximize available areas. Within the same amount of land, they provide twice as much space. You don’t need a larger area to erect a tent with one of our double-decker tents. You receive a considerably greater operational space even though you need the same amount of room. With these tents, two stories not only quadruple the available space but also improve views.



Our tents are used for exceptional events that demand aesthetically pleasing settings. Tennis, golf, soccer, equestrian, and other sporting activities are wonderful places to employ those tents. They can also be utilized for outdoor business gatherings and conferences.

This is the ideal solution when a venue’s floor space is a problem because it doubles the land footprint to provide more floor space. Our architectural design team can incorporate features that significantly improve any event by adding flair and space.

This stylish, lightweight aluminum structure for important events combines style, stability, high-tech expertise, and affordability. This dynamic, elegant design gives quality and distinction together with tradition from tiny to large, meeting every task with a touch of class.

A double decker tent is a type of tent that has two levels or floors, providing additional living space and privacy. These types of tents are often used for camping, outdoor events, and festivals.

Advantages of double decker tent includes:

  1. Additional living space: With two levels, a double decker tent provides more room for sleeping, storing gear, and socializing.
  2. Increased privacy: The second level can be used as a separate sleeping area, providing more privacy for individuals or couples.
  3. Increased headroom: The second level often has more headroom, which can make it more comfortable to move around and spend time in the tent.
  4. Protection from the elements: The second level can provide additional protection from rain and wind.
  5. Versatility: The second level can be used for different purposes such as sleeping, storage or a seating area.
  6. Space-saving: A double-decker tent can fit in smaller camping spaces as it utilizes vertical space.

However, these tents are often larger and heavier than traditional single-level tents, which can make them more difficult to transport and set up. They also tend to be more expensive.


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