Polygon Tent

With a variety of customization options, Polygon Tent can be manufactured to any size or specification, providing a completely custom-made-to-measure solution suitable for all needs, including weddings, social gatherings, and business events. Interior and exterior design options range from functional to utterly opulent.

With a wide variety of fabric and glazing options, our skilled engineering team will lead you in every step. All interior and exterior spaces are totally adaptable to any unique requirement.



With the least amount of physical interference, this function guarantees the best visual comfort. Our polygonal tent constructions have the same strength-to-weight ratio as steel structures thanks to the usage of aluminum alloy, but with the added benefit of being lightweight. These are simple to install, may be moved if necessary, and can be expanded to any length because to the lightweight metals.

Polygon tent solutions at Akaa shades and Tents are very wind-resistant due to the sturdy roof form, and the roof structure fabric is typically blocked out by double PVC that is flame- and water-resistant. Because of their sturdy construction and resilience to weathering, chemical rotting, corrosion, shock, and scratches, our tents are the best choice for all types of locations and represent a long-term, value-added investment. The suppliers of Akaa Polygon tents make sure to include a variety of optional extras like lighting, audio equipment, air conditioning, a stage, portable toilets, all types of flooring systems, glass doors, glass walls, ABS hard walls, sandwich walls, full clear covers and sidewalls, clear PVC windows, rain gutters, drain pipes, decorative roof, wall linings, and interior curtains, among others.


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