Wedding Tent Rental

Wedding Tent Rental shade is a fun way to show off your style and personality, and it’s much different from regular buildings. It’s an easy-to-build tent that looks great inside, with a strong aluminum frame that makes it sturdy.

You can put the tent up anywhere outdoors, like in your backyard, garden, or on the beach. This tent will keep your guests cool and dry if it’s sunny or rainy outside. Plus, you can add some special touches like wooden floors, air conditioning, pretty curtains, carpet, stages, and windows to make it extra special for your wedding day.




1.Modular type, the tent can be extended or dismantled to several small tents.
2. Easy to be assembled and dismantled from one place to another place.
3.No pole inside, 100% space available.
4. The aluminum frame will never get rusty with life span more than 15 years.
5. The PVC cover is waterproof, fireproof with life span 6-8 years.
6. Can be used in bad circumstance.
It is widely used in various wedding events, temporary warehouse & workshop, exhibitions, and other outdoor activities

Product Size

Width: from 10 meters to 50meters

Length:Unlimited, extended by 5m each bay

Eave height:standard from 2.5m, 3m, 4m, 5m to 6m upon span width (or special height per requested)

Frame part

1) The main parts are made of aluminum alloy and the spare part are made of steel.

2) All aluminum components are technically anodized and all steel parts are well hot-dip galvanized.

Cover Part

1) The roof and sidewall cover are made of double coated PVC fabric.

2) The fabrics have waterproof, UV resistant, flame retardant to DIN4102, M2 and Grade B1, tear resistant, self-cleaning ability, etc.

3) The weight of fabric is from 650g/sqm to 950g/sqm.

Pagoda Tent Size Chart

Type Width(m) Bay distance(m) Eave height(m) Ridge height(m) Main frame profile(mm)
MST-10 10 5 2.5 4.3 68x122x3
MST-12 12 5 3 5.1 68x122x3
MST-15 15 5 3 5.4 108x150x3
MST-18 18 5 4 6.9 108x150x3/112x203x4
MST-20 20 5 4 7.2 112x203x4
MST-25 25 5 4 8 112x203x4
MST-30 30 5 4 8.8 113x259x5
MST-35 35 5 4 9.6 120x300x6
MST-40 40 5 5 11.5 120x300x6
MST-50 50 5 6 14 120x350x6


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