Sprung Structure Tent

The best option for a retail store building is a Sprung structure Tent. A new Sprung structure by Akaa shades and Tents can make shopping a more upscale experience for commercial property owners or businesses who need a year-round retail atmosphere. The best part is that Sprung’s retail store buildings can be swiftly constructed to satisfy changing demands or provide additional shopping space.

Customize and construct a new retail structure more quickly than traditional construction. Sprung structures provide superior aesthetics and fantastic leasing opportunities for any permanent or temporary retail store building application thanks to practical insulation packages, opportunities for theming and interior decorating, Including display windows not present in a typical shop tent, as well as construction. You can benefit from developing trends in more recent areas throughout the world thanks to quick building durations and modest foundation requirements.



This 50 x 170-foot building offers a variety of uses “all in one.” This unusual building is used for 2 fully functional 15′ wide by 50′ long vehicle maintenance bays, 7 large offices, a large conference room, a lobby/waiting area, a kitchen and break room, a dining room, recreation space, 6 fully furnished bedrooms with en suite bathrooms, server, utility, and file rooms. Twenty 39″ x 39″ windows, six of which were special encasement windows required for the code for sleeping quarters, premium membrane with wainscot, four 15′ x 14′ electrically operated Sunshine Vehicle Doors, and 20 39″ x 39″ windows were provided for this Sprung Structure Tent. 4 personnel doors with hoods for emergency egress and 1 double glass entrance door with hood are provided.


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