Party event Curve Tent Manufacturers

Curve Tents are a unique and creative addition to any event space. With a standard A-frame clear span structure and a curved roof, these tents come in widths ranging from 10m to 40m (with 5m bay distances) and can be customized to virtually any length. The tensioning system ensures the roof covering is taut, making it highly wind-resistant (up to 100km/h). Curve Tents are easy to assemble, dismantle, and relocate, making them an ideal choice for sporting events like tennis courts and indoor football halls, as well as for storage, exhibitions, weddings, parties, meetings, and other outdoor events.



Advantage of Curve Tent Shade

  1. Eye-catching design: The arc-shaped party tent has a unique design that enhances the visual appeal of any event. It looks like an A-type tent, but with a more distinctive and attractive appearance.
  2. Efficient water drainage: The long beams of the arc-shaped tent are curved, which allows rainwater to easily slide off even during heavy rainfall. This helps prevent water accumulation inside the tent.
  3. Robust and durable structure: The arc-shaped party tent has a stable and sturdy structure, which makes it more reliable in harsh weather conditions. You can reuse the tent for other events for up to 10-20 years, making it a worthwhile investment.


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