Pyramid Arch Design Parking Shades

Pyramid Arch Design Parking Shades

Parking Shades by Pyramid Arch Design The ultimate answer to your automobile’s shade demands is the modern pyramid arch car parking shade. It covers your car from UV radiation and the sun. The Pyramid car parking shade is constructed from the finest materials available, including PTFE, HDPE, and PVC. In addition to protecting electronics inside your automobile, these textiles are fire-resistant, rip-resistant, UV-resistant, snow-resistant, and wind resistant. Furthermore, they shield it from heat damage, stop cracking, guard against dashboard cracking, and maintain your car’s brilliance and gloss.



Parking Shades by Pyramid Arch Design Depending on your needs, per-engineered shade structures are available and ready for installation. Many environmental and physical issues can be solved with the help of these stylish and practical shades. Pyramid Arch Shades are available in a range of sizes and exquisite patterns. The common sizes are 2.5m Open Height, 6.0mx3.0m (good for 1 car), and 6.0mx6.0m (good for 2 cars). You can adjust the shade’s height and size as needed.

Pyramid Arch Design Economic advantages

  • Keep the gloss and shine on your car.
  • Protect Cracked windscreen.
  • Reduce screen cracking on wins
  • Keep your electronics safe.
  • the temperature in your car.


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